If you'd like to jump into the 19 billion dollar coffee industry without harvesting, picking, roasting or packing, you're just a few clicks away. The USA is the largest coffee-consuming nation on the planet, consuming over 3 billion pounds of coffee beans per year. Nearly half (49%) of all American adults drink coffee daily, and 16% of American adults drink gourmet coffee every day. Kona Coffee is the most famous Hawaiian Grown Coffee! Coffee from the State of Hawaii represents the only coffee grown in the United States. Only coffee from the Kona district on Hawaii can be certified and labeled “Kona”. The kona "blends" you see in stores can actually contain as little as 10% kona coffee. When you promote Koa Coffee, you can be assured that you will be selling premium 100% Kona fresh coffee products that are grown, processed, roasted, labeled and shipped directly from our plantation on the famed Kona Belt in Hawaii. Koa Coffee has won the coveted Gevalia Kona Coffee Cupping Competition, PCCA Coffee of the Year and was dubbed "Best Coffee In America" by Forbes Magazine... so you know you're selling a quality product. We pay affiliates 20% commission, with a 90 day cookie.