Cool-jams Sleepwear is America's Top Wicking Pajama Brand. Cool-jams is offering a 4% commission on every sale. Most sales are between $100 and $300. Cool-jams offers free shipping in the continental US which is a big incentive to most customers. Many of our customers call Cool-jams the world's perfect pajama because our sleepwear seems to sense what the body needs. The fabric's thermal regulation properties keep the body cool and dry when it's hot and warm and cozy when the temperatures dip. Cool-jams are also perfect for people with night sweats or other thermal regulation problems. Because of the quick dry feature of Cool-jams, many of our customers tell us they are also the perfect travel pajama...quick-drying and lightweight. Cool-jams now also has a line of temperature regulating bedding which has proven to be extremely popular with our Cool-jams customers. Visit Cool-jams at to learn more about our products.