Sandos Hotels & Resorts Sandos Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain with 10 establishments located in some premier holiday destinations, such as Mexico, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Benidorm. All their resorts offer all-inclusive packages, maintaining high standards in services and facilities. For Sandos Hotels & Resorts quality and the care of the environment are two key factors of major importance. Sandos’ philosophy is based on the idea that each one of their hotels keeps the personality and traditions of the local area, while also offering its own personal style.

Why promote Sandos?
· Sandos are committed to sustainable development. Eco experiences are offered in Mexico and the Canary Islands.
· Resorts are located in top beach destinations, and both the Mexican and American markets are very important for them.
· UK is the main source of visitors from Europe.

Average Basket 1648€ • 1845$ • 1203£

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