TyentUSA Affiliate Program

TyentUSA is a world leader in water ionization and dedicated to providing you with the finest water purification systems available on the market today. Transform ordinary tap water into a pure, healthy, rejuvenating water that is completely free of hundreds of common tap water contaminants and harmful chemicals. Tyent ionized water systems go far beyond just removing harsh chemicals and impurities; they actually produce a drinking water with scientifically proven health benefits that are truly astounding.


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**IMPORTANT: Affiliates are not allowed to sell Tyent products at a lower price than what is offered at TyentUSA.com. Do not discount from the recommended retail prices. Publishers are not allowed to incentivize offers, give cash back, rewards, promotional items, etc. on Tyent products.

The TyentUSA Affiliate Program is professionally managed by PartnerCentric. If you have any questions please contact us at: Tyent@PartnerCentric.com