Hello prospective affiliate! I'm pleased to know you are looking at our affiliate program. We cater to a niche market, human pheromone products. We have thousands of positive reviews for our products on www.pherotruth.com from real customers. The best science and biotechnology is applied in our products. Want proof it works? Contact us for a free sample! With that being said, it is a niche product line we offer and may be a bit of a hard sell. However, find to your advantage the literally thousands of customers who publicly swear by the effect of the products on a third party site that we don't control; that is an excellent selling point. Our products range in price from $40 to $70 per bottle, the average sale is $100 per customer, and we offer generous commissions ranging from 30% to even 50%, so if you have the marketing muscle to try a niche product which delivers on its promises, give us a try! Note: we are selective about the affiliates we approve, and automatically decline affiliates involved with coupon promotions, or PPC (pay per click). Also we encourage you to add a description of yourself when applying. Affiliates which apply to our program without a description of them self, or some information regarding how the products will be promoted will not be approved. Thank you for your consideration, we hope you will come on board with us! For more information, please email Chris Schraud, C.E.O. At chris@ alpha-dream.com Find below the older description and information about our program (the above is an update circa October 2014): Please choose from our current banners to link from, or create your own text link. If you will require a custom graphic to fit your website's background color, size, or presentation, we will have our art designers create it for you at no cost. If there is any other information you need to build your marketing campaign, please contact Christopher Schraud, President & Science Officer, at chris@alpha-dream.com ------------------- PROGRAM DESCRIPTION ------------------- The pheromone market is an exciting, rapidly-growing niche market with high profit potential. Alpha Dream is a new retail store with great potential, leading the forefront into human pheromones by delivering the most advanced pheromone technologies available, with a sleek, sexy presentation. Alpha Dream is the retail arm of a well established wholesaler and manufacturer of human pheromone products, which has been manufacturing and supplying most of the pheromone products sold on the open market for a number of years.

Alpha Dream pheromone products stand out from the crowd for many reasons:

- We offer the greatest diversity of specialized products for all genders, ages, and sexual orientations, expanding the target market for all customer groups.

- Alpha Dream products contain up to 500% of the pheromone content of competing products on the market bearing similar prices. This delivers a much better bang-for-your-buck versus competing products.

- Alpha Dream products contain exclusive pheromone technologies which enhance performance, which cannot be found in competing products.

- Alpha Dream products are featured in exotic, attractive packaging with unique Italian designer bottles.

- Alpha Dream features an attractive, user friendly website which has a high conversion ratio.

- The retail price of Alpha Dream products ranges from between $39.50 to $79.50 per bottle, with many customers purchasing multiple bottles per sale. The average ticket sale is $76.

- You will always be paid on time. We use the ShareASale.com AUTO-DEPOSIT system. Money is always available and you will always be paid on time.

- We treat you as a true business partner. We understand the high value you bring to us. We welcome new affiliates as long-term business partners which can enjoy mutual success in working together. Sign up today to take advantage of our affiliate program.