Congratulations on wanting to become a lifesaving affiliate sales representative. Please sign up as an affiliate by completing the form below. As an affiliate, you will earn great commissions on the following:

25% commission from any patient membership on referred by you.
$200 commission from any donor referred by you that goes on to transplant.
25% commission from any donations (auto, boat, RV, plane, etc.) on referred by you.
10% commission from financial donations referred or fundraised by you.
10% commission from real estate donations referred by you.
20% 2nd tier commission on affiliates you bring to our program.

For example, you will earn $3,000 in commission from a donated auto that generates $12,000 for Also, for patient memberships, you will earn $148 in commission from a $595 membership on You can earn all of this while helping to save the lives of people needing organ transplants in the United States.

This affiliate program is great for anyone who wants to make money while increasing organ transplant awareness and helping save the lives of people needing organ transplants. You can become one of our affiliates and earn these commissions from anywhere in the world. All tracking and commissions are done through, so you can see every day how much money you are earning. Feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions. Thanks and welcome!

John Dolan,
Executive Director |
800-385-0422 ext.6