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Hi ... My name is Dr. Sam Robbins and I'd like welcome you to our affiliate program. My passion is and has always been about health. In fact, I started my first "diet" at age. In my early years, it was about athletic performance, increasing muscle size/strength and lowering body fat and improving my energy levels/stamina.

As I've aged, my goals have "matured" into improving my body AND mind, while also increasing my wellness and longevity. Because of two aging parents (dad is 88 and mom is 78) and lots of "older" family members (uncles, aunts, etc.), I've really focused on creating natural, safe, effective and healthy alternatives to prescription drugs.

Your body is designed to heal itself from within, as long as you give it what it needs:

My information (books, newsletters, emails, blogs and videos) help give people clarity and confidence about getting healthier and STAYING that way for many years. When it comes to total healthy, my goal is to reduce the frustration about the contradictory and misinformation online and to help simplify the whole process so it's easy, convenient and fun.

Program Benefits & Features

HFL - Health, Fitness & Longevity

Here's just a quick summary... however, make sure you read the rest of the page =)

Most importantly, you'll be working with an ethical company that's been


I've been online since 1996 and have extensive knowledge and experience with Internet marketing, thus why our marketing materials and landing pages convert so well. And in the "old days", SEO, email and affiliate marketing were the primary promotions to product income, and thus, I have a deep, long-lasting relationship with affiliates.

My online health business started in 1999, so we've been around for a long time. We have a proven track record for

  1. Safe and effective products that are scientifically proven to work.
  2. Satisfied and long-term customers/clients that continue taking our products long-term and TRUST us to try new and different products that we develop.
  3. A "sales" process that works -- which builds long-term trust, gives the client what they want, helps them get healthier and brings them back for many months and years.

Our Products

We have both information and nutritional supplement products (skincare coming soon). However, we do focus more on supplements because this is what people want more of. It's "easy and convenient" to take a pill. However, we still give them information about diet, exercise, and a healthier lifestyle.

We have our "general ecommerce" site at, where people can see the list of products and health categories. You'll notice that we stay "tight" and specific with our health solutions. We don't sell hundreds of different products trying to accomplish the same goal, which people don't need and only causes more confusion.

Each health category has ONE, "all-in-one" solution -- again, simple - easy - convenient.

However, our direct traffic and promotions is always sent to the specific product landing page, which has only ONE GOAL, to educate and make a sale for that ONE specific product. Here they are in alphabetical order with a brief description.

Here's the list of products and what they do.

  1. -- increase testosterone (free and total) and libido/sex drive for men and women too. However, it also optimizes other hormones for improved results -- estrogen, prolactin, and cortisol.
  2. -- increase blood flow and circulation. This has many benefits. Anyone who is concerned about heart health and preventing heart attacks and strokes. People who have diabetes and neuropathy. Circulation to extremities. For men who want better erections.
  3. -- improves hypertension and high blood pressure. This is a very important topic, especially for those concerned about "heart health" and preventing a heart attack or stroke.
  4. -- lowering blood sugar and glucose levels. This is a major topic because blood sugar affects how you look and feel. Weight loss, energy levels, diabetes/pre-diabetes, heart health, and basic longevity.
  5. -- increases energy levels -- both mental and physical. It can also be categorized as a “Nootropic”. Helps increase focus, memory and reduces adrenal fatigue as well.
  6. -- carb/fat blocker, which also has digestive enzymes. This falls under the “weight loss” category. There are no stimulants. It also helps improve digestion, reduce acid reflux, and better bowel movements because of the fiber, which also helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  7. -- part of the “heart health” category by help to lower cholesterol, which is an alternative to the best selling drug in the US, the statins. However, it has additional “lipid improving” benefits because it also optimizes HDL/LDL levels, lowers triglycerides, improves Homocysteine levels and cleanses the liver, where cholesterol problems start.
  8. -- this is for weight loss. It helps improve your main fat burning hormones -- Leptin, Thyroid, Cortisol, etc. It improves your metabolism and reduces appetite.
  9. -- mood, anxiety, depression and improved sleep. It improves Serotonin, Dopamine, GABA and Cortisol levels. Great for people have a lot of stress in their lives (which is most of us!)

Lots Of Options

The above links go directly to the product's landing pages. However, we have LOTS of options that you can promote, to help "warm up" the person, rather than just send directly to a sales page:

And of course, if there's something specific you want, we will customize it for you as well. The more specific you can be with your promotions and the better "connection" from the "ad to sales letter", the better conversions and the easier the sale.

Well, I hope the above gave you a general overview of the program, the company, products and goals. We look forward to you joining our affiliate team.

Warmest Regards
Dr. Sam =)

PPC Policy & Terms

To protect the reputation of our name and products, you may NOT bid on HFL trademark names. This includes all the above product names, including our company name "HFL" or "Health, Fitness & Longevity", as well as my name "Dr. Sam Robbins".

You may NOT direct link to any of the HFL domains or use them as the display URL in any PPC advertising.

You must link back to your own site first, utilizing your own display URL and domain. You may use urls like: or This is best for long-term growth of your account, improved quality scores and the prevention of your account from being banned by Google AdWords.