Why Become an Affiliate of Personal Chef To Go?

Personal Chef To Go, Inc. is a chef-owned and chef-operated company that specializes in guilt-free, gourmet meals delivered nationwide for today’s health-conscious consumer.

Here's what you need to do to start earning a minimum of 10% on gross sales:

  1. Sign up as an affiliate for immediate approval (takes less than 5 minutes).
  2. Go to your affiliate dashboard and publish your unique URL and or linking banners we provide that identifies you as the referral source. This can be on your website, newsletter or direct email to individuals.
  3. Promote the offer using our tools and your personal endorsement and when somebody clicks on the linking url or banner they will be identified as a referral from your account. They have up to 120 days to purchase from that computer or mobile device before having to reenter from a link you provide.
  4. You can track your sales from your dashboard. When your commission reaches $50 you will be sent either a check or bank deposit.
    1. That's it! Quick and simple.

      Here are some reasons to join our program:

      “Handpicked” by Food411.com for our outstanding quality and service
      Featured in Prevention Magazine as a great home meal solution for busy women

      Not only do our fresh, never frozen, meals taste incredible, but they are also good for you because they are made with the freshest and finest ingredients available and expertly prepared with a lighter touch by professionally trained chefs. We feature weekly chef’s-selection meal plans that cater to high income busy professionals and their families. Since 2002 we have built a solid reputation for attentive customer service and uncompromising product quality and enjoy and have a very loyal customer base. We are adding more delicious products and services each month!

      Each sales transaction averages over $115.00

      No sales leaks with 800 phone order tracking through SAS

      Be a part of the a high growth company that is making a difference by transforming time-stressed, unhealthy and overweight people into healthier and happier individuals.

      Great Fund Raising Opportunity For:

      Earn needed funds while enjoying great-tasting meals at home and say goodbye to office solicitations for candy, flowers and other non-essential items.

      For any affiliate related inquiries, please contact Jason at jason.greenwald@advertisepurple.com