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Affiliate Program Details

How You Get Paid
Trusted third party tracking solution provided by handles all payments to our affiliate program partners. We use as our affiliate program manager so that there is a fair third-party looking out for YOU!

When You Get Paid
Payments are made on the 20th day of the month, with a $50 minimum

Real Time Tracking
See how much commission you've earned at any time - you will be provided with an online statistics facility with real time updates

More Benefits

Visitors You Send Are Linked to Your Affiliate/Partner I.D. for life insuring you get full credit for your referrals

No Minimum Traffic Requirements

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Trusted third party tracking solution provided by

Two-Tier Webmaster Referral Program - receive an additional 5% commission of every sale that is generated by all webmasters that join our affiliate program from a link on your site. *Tracked for life = cookies never set to expire