ADE is a 12 Year Old Consumer Credit Counseling, DEBT RELIEF ONE STOP Company, a member in good standing of NETCHECK, with no complaints, operating in 50 states providing free credit counseling and offering the following:

DEBT DISPUTE PROGRAM --This program is Less Expensive than Debt Settlement,
Includes an Attorney on Retainer in the clients Home State,
An FDCPA Violations Program which recovers money from Debt Collectors for Abuse
a Full Credit Restoration Program in which negative remarks on the credit report are removed.
Also includes Legal Representation in case a consumer is subpoenaed before the Dispute Process is completed
and finally a Money Back Guarantee if we fail to deliver.
DEFINITION OF QUALIFIED LEAD:Lead Must be contactable, 5000 Dollars Minimum Debt, Debt Must Be Unsecured. Types of Qualified Debt are Credit Cards, Private Unsecured Loans, Deficiency Amounts from Repossessions, and More. To EARN A COMMISSION ALL LEADS MUST OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING::::::

Leads must fill out either short or long information form, contact information must be accurate, including, name, phone and email and debt AMOUNT MUST BE FILLED IN AND BE A MINIMUM OF 5,000 DOLLARS. WHILE the Debt Dispute Program is our main program, you will also be paid for any lead that qualifies for
Our Pay Day Loan Relief Program
Our non-Profit Debt Management Program (Debt Consolidation)
Federal Student Loan Help