Discover the Wonders of Latam Airlines affiliate campaign! Inspire your audience to experience the magic of Latin America with Latam Airlines Latam Airlines is the largest airline group in Latin America, with a rich heritage and decades of experience in providing top-notch air travel services. Latam Airlines' fleet comprises modern and comfortable aircraft, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable flight experience for all passengers. Latam Airlines takes pride in Europe, Oceania, and North America with South America and within the continent with more than 140 destinations, thus positioning as the airline with the largest network in the region. Why Promote Latam Airlines? 1. Unmatched Network: Latam Airlines' extensive route network covers all major cities and hidden gems across Latin America. Whether your audience is seeking the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro, the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, or the exotic landscapes of Patagonia, Latam Airlines has them covered. 2. Superior Travel Experience: Latam Airlines prioritizes the comfort and satisfaction of its passengers. 3. Competitive Pricing: Latam Airlines offers competitive fares to suit any budget. 4. Trustworthy Reputation: With a strong focus on safety and reliability, Latam Airlines has earned the trust of millions of travelers worldwide. Your audience can travel with peace of mind, knowing they are in good hands. 5. Recognition: - Skytrax's World Airline Awards 2023 – passengers' choice as the best airline in South America. - Passenger choice: best Seat Comfort and Catering in South America for the second year in a row. - Standard & Poor's -LATAM is the world's fifth most sustainable airline Note: All affiliate partnerships will be subject to our terms and conditions, ensuring transparency and fairness for all parties involved. Program Details: Commission: 1.50% Cookie Period: 30 days ONLY USA Traffic accepted. PROGRAM TERMS - PPC campaigns are strictly forbidden for any search engine. - Only booking from US customers are accepted. Conversions coming from other countries will be removed. - Affiliates are not allowed to use Pop Ups, Pop Unders, or any other format that is deemed intrusive or use any other cookie stuffing techniques that may force the cookie in the user's browser. - Affiliates are not allowed to buy, register or create domains or subdomains which may mislead users to believe that such site is the merchant's mislead brand website. Note: All affiliate partnerships will be subject to our terms and conditions, ensuring transparency and fairness for all parties involved.  Categories: Travel, Airlines, Tourism & Attractions