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Erotic products that provide the ultimate experience! Highly recommended by professional players around the world after actual testing and judged by the platform to be excellent products before they are put on sale.
In 2014, UTIMI was founded.
In 2016, UTIMI became the largest seller in the Sexual Wellness category on Amazon.
In 2018, UTMI has 100+ patents for adult products.
Over the years, we found that a large number of erotic products have problems such as short life span, poor usage, no privacy packaging, and use of materials harmful to the body.
In order to solve these problems, we have carried out a comprehensive strategic upgrade and are committed to making it easy for more people to find the right and reassuring products for themselves and enjoy a quality and pleasurable life.
Erotic products
We offer products that are "safe, high quality, environmentally friendly and creative" and a pleasant one-on-one expert service.
The selection and development of each product comes from the real needs of users, as well as the pain points of similar products and careful analysis and research, focusing on the rationality of the product and the durability and safety of use. As a member of society, we actively explore the rational relationship between the global environment and human civilization, ensure that both products and materials are healthy and safe, do not neglect any link that affects the environment and nature, and always improve our technology to maximize energy saving and provide natural and environmentally friendly products.
Each product is tested by professional players distributed all over the world, receiving their unanimous recommendation, and then evaluated by the platform and judged to be excellent before being allowed to sell on the shelves.
For each order, we invite users to participate in a satisfaction survey. If the number of participants reaches 50 or more, products with a rating lower than 4.3 or a recommendation ratio lower than 80% will be permanently banned from sale, and we attach great importance to collecting user experience.
Interactive communication
Freedom, equality, respect, sharing and tolerance!
Sex is a fundamental human need, we advocate "explore the passion, happy life! The concept of sex life is beyond gender, age, color, class, culture, no shame, no subtlety, no submission, no accommodation, is the spiritual life of human equality!
We unite a group of certified professional sex educators, sexology experts, sex toy connoisseurs, but also brought together a group of men and women who seek excitement, like to explore and share, gay, SM players, we can easily communicate and share here, together to create a very inclusive spiritual home.