About us: FAVR is a natural universal skincare brand that is also excellent and formulated for darker skin tones. It was founded by famous singer and actor Rotimi. As a black man, he noticed the lack of beauty products created for darker skin tones that addressed universal needs. Rather than promote another brand, he worked meticulously to create his formulas so that he would know that they worked and reflected his ethos. His brand has appeared both on television and in print and, per FAVRSKIN's Instagram, has been hailed by leading talents in the entertainment and sports fields. FAVR products are ideal for and help with: Dull and uneven Skin tone Skin Detox for removing impurifications Preventing and Cleaning Clogged Pores Fatigued Eyes reduce the look of fatigue, and baggy eyes Reducing Fine Lines and wrinkles Acne prevention, and more… The products include powerful natural ingredients such as: Essential Dead Sea Minerals, cucumber juice extract, avocado oil, activated charcoal, and more… Our top converting products: Moisturizing Balm Charcoal Cleanser Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream Dead Sea Mineral Mask Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream Exfoliating Rub Also, FAVR has: 30 years of skincare experience Over 10,000+ happy customers 30 days 100% money-back guarantee Guaranteed vegan & cruelty-free Parabens and Ammonia Free Black-Owned business For both men & women All skin types The brand donates 10% of its profits to associations that support and treat children with skin diseases. We also offer a Subscription option - you can get more commission from the same customer! Access to creatives with Rotimi, who has over 7 million followers and fans! High-quality, reliable products Shipping to the entire US Top Tier Branding and Site Media and Print mentions and coverage regularly 90 days of cookies Managed By Upsidedown’s Boutique Network - www.upsidedownet.work