Welcome to the 42shops Affiliate Marketing Program! Who We Are: We are an online store specializing in various popular products that cater to the younger generation, including popular game and anime series merchandise, cosplay costumes and wigs, plush toys, cotton dolls, and more. We are committed to providing quality products and services to our global customers. Our Products: We offer a diverse range of products. For gaming enthusiasts, we have 'Changed' plush toys and 'Genshin Impact' merchandise. For anime fans, we stock merchandise from popular series like 'Heaven Official's Blessing,' 'Mo Dao Zu Shi,' 'Scum Villain's Self-Saving System,' and 'Erha and His White Cat Shizun.' We also have a wide variety of adorable and unique animal plush toys. Moreover, we have an extensive collection of cotton dolls and doll clothes. Affiliate Marketing Program: As part of our affiliate marketing program, we offer our partners a 5% commission on each successful transaction. With an average sale amount of over 100 USD, this provides you with abundant earning opportunities. Our Commitment: We value each of our affiliate partners and are committed to providing comprehensive support and generous incentives to help you maximize your earnings. Special Offers: As our affiliate partner, you can participate in our promotional activities and access exclusive discounts, in addition to enjoying our high commissions. Here at 42shops, we look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with you. Let's share in each other's success; we'll make great strides together!