Big Mama's Backyard Garden is a family-run salad dressing company based in Miami, Florida. We've sold more than 3,000 bottles of our world-famous Calamondin (citrus) Vinaigrette since launching in 2021. We use fresh ingredients grown in Big Mama's backyard garden and our dressing is like nothing you've ever tasted. It has no preservatives, artificial flavors, cholesterol, gluten, dairy or added sugar. It's vegan and keto-friendly and just 20 calories per serving. We're in 5 stores already and growing! We're offering affiliates 30% commissions until we grow to 4,000 bottles sold. That typically means you'll earn around $2.35 per bottle sold. We have a great look, and dedicated customers who return 68% of the time. Our product sells itself...we just need to expand our universe. Check us out at More questions? 305.523.9495