HOKO Holistics was founded in 2019 by Allen Rader, a psychotherapist with a focus on holistic health.The HOKO team has extensively evaluated the cannabis market. Once the regulations of CBDs were modified at the federal level, we began providing solutions to health conscience consumers. Based on current FDA compliance and standards, the HOKO products meet and exceed testing standards. We develop unique products that meet the needs our our clients.

Our name, HOKO Holistics, expresses the global aspect of life, our emerging world, and our commitment to the fundamental values of a quality life. The connection with a tradition that expressed new life and new culture is a wonderful reflection of our values of connection with the power of nature to health and reinvent itself and our commitment to bring together the legacy of cultures of the past with the emergence of modern knowledge. The management team honors the legacy of our Midwestern heritage and the interconnectedness with the modern world. Located in the Heartland of America. We express the best of what is emerging today.

Hoko Holistics pays 20% commissions on all sales with a 90 Day cookie window. We are open ideas and collaboration. And will have incentives for top performing affiliates.