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Who We Are

TestHQ offers practice aptitude tests designed to help users get the job they want. We provide practice materials for test providers such as SHL, Kenexa, and Cubiks. Users can practice their numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, logic and deduction skills.

Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Earn 20% - 30% commission on every sale
  • $60 average order value
  • 30 days cookie
  • Affiliate exclusive promotions
  • Co-branded landing pages
  • Exciting affliate contests and incentives
  • Supportive and dedicated affilate team
  • We can provide customized images, and copywriting materials to meet your promotional needs for free (email contact)
  • Free product samples for testing and review to selected and qualified content publishers and influencers (email contact)
  • Mobile optimized site

Why Customers Love TestHQ

  • Access to Hundreds of Updated Practice Aptitude Test. Our test questions are created using the most recent aptitude tests, and we update them frequently to make sure they are current whenever you need them for job preparation.
  • Real-World Test Simulations. Every test question was developed to simulate real-world questions you might encounter on the exam.
  • Detailed Study Guides for Aptitude Tests. Our practice aptitude tests include comprehensive study guides, and helpful hints on how to approach each question and answer them more quickly than anyone else.
  • Practice & Improve. Using our in-depth solutions, you can quickly progress from being a low-scorer to a high-scorer by learning how the answers are worked out. As you prepare to ace every test you take, watch as your grades improve.
  • Performance Evaluation. Our platform will help you practice effectively, evaluate your work for feedback and pinpoint areas for development.