ABOUT Dave’s Gourmet is an originator in the super-hot sauce category and leader in organic and natural pasta sauces. Our company was born with the creation of Insanity Sauce, the “hottest hot sauce in the universe”, as a way to control unruly drunk patrons at a taqueria. However, the opposite ensued, and customers came in droves for the heat as well as the flavor. Now, almost three decades later, Dave’s Gourmet offers a range of specialty hot sauces and pasta sauces ranging from mild to insane++ heat levels. We provide lots of tasty choices for consumers to choose from including organic, low-sodium, low-calories, no added sugar, gluten-free, vegan, and more. Dave’s Gourmet is introducing a line of rare Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Chili Oils to expand its product line further. The team at Dave’s Gourmet continues to work tirelessly to save the world from blandness and banality—one delicious and innovative product at a time. OUR PRODUCTS 5 oz Hot Sauces: Dave's Gourmet super-hot sauce has been dubbed "The Hottest Culinary Experience Known To Man!", but we also offer specialty hot sauces mild, warm, and hot. Creamy Hot Sauce: All-purpose sauces full of flavor while low-calorie, low-sodium, vegan, and gluten-free. This collection is the quickest way to enhance every meal of the day that the whole family will love! Organic and Gourmet Pasta Sauce: A unique variety of gourmet and organic pasta sauces. Perfect for individuals and families that want quick meal solutions that taste as if you had made them from scratch. Our newest, Simply Red Sauce, is low-sodium and contains no added sugar. NEW AT DAVE'S: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chili Oil: 100% Spanish, Single Estate grown, harvested, crushed on site, filtered, stored in temperature-controlled silos then bottled on site. Unique single olive varietals are not well known in the US.