Autumn DNA's

Affiliate Program

Thanks for your interest in our affiliate program!

Autumn is a health and wellness business with high integrity, that operates a direct-to-consumer as well as a business-to-business model that is easy, precise, and convenient.

Who We Are:

Autumn is a personalized vitamin company that gets supplementation correct, on the first try, without guessing. #OneSizeDoesNotFitAll

What We Offer:

All of our customers get a test kit or upload capabilities, a personalized report, as well as their first month's supply of personalized vitamins, minerals, herbs, and/or supplements from our proprietary dispenser included in their first order. Everything they need to get started with us with shipping included and no surprise charges.

How We Do It:

We do this by facilitating two types of tests in the onboarding process for a new customer: an at-home confidential saliva collection along with an online lifestyle assessment in our customer portal. Alternatively, users can upload existing data from the likes of 23andMe or in RAW file formats to replace the at-home test for even faster results.

65% Commission Structure:

We have some of the most impressive subscription metrics because our product and service actually work, and customers love it. This enables us to afford our very high commission structure of 65% of the initial order for partners like yourself!

Creatives & Assets:

We have a lot of assets available already in our profile, from banners to videos, but if there is a certain size you are needing, please reach out to our team and we will make it happen! If you are wishing to produce your own content, and try our product out for yourself, email us at, we'd be happy to connect with you and facilitate this!

Alternatively, we have a plethora of media buying and creative assets to assist virtually any publisher to easily get our offer up and running.

Next Steps:

Apply to our offer!

Look forward to working with you to improve the quality of lives of people across America.

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