is a female-owned beauty brand founded and run by two mixed besties, yes there are ONLY two of us running this small business. Through our beauty travel invention, we are changing the way people approach to travel, beauty, and sleep. Our Self Care on the go "Silk Pillow Sleeve" is an open-ended pillowcase. It is designed to slide over any size pillow and pillowcase when we are at home or traveling to an Airbnb, Hotel, or even on a Crusie, so you never have to worry about what size the bedding and you get to protect your skin and hair!

With places like Florida seeing nearly 118 million U.S. travelers visit the state in 2021, it is said that 7 in 10 Americans rated pillows as having a "big impact" on their ability to get a good night’s sleep, according to a survey by the - National Sleep Foundation. It isn't just the pillows, but also the pillowcases, and that is where our "Silked Pillow Sleeve" comes in, to date our little invention sleeps under the heads of over 500,000 happy customers worldwide at home and while traveling. Our brand Silked has been featured in Good Housing, Forbes, Harper's Bazaar, Dwell, The NY Strategist, and more. Silked has partnered with brands like Amex, Fab Fit Fun, and Anheuser Busch Brand "Babe Wine".

Over the past few years, Silked has refined and enhanced our very own open-ended, eco-conscious pillow sleeve design for all skin and hair types in satin or mulberry silk with vibrant patterns and classic tones. Continuing with our tradition of offering natural ways to preserve our skin and hair Silked also launched Silk Accessories like Eye Masks, Face Masks, and Hair Scrunchies to name a few, helping our customers boost their beauty day and night!

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Phoenix and Sandra!