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FLOWTIME has spent more than 8 years in biodata collecting and analyzing and is dedicated to developing products powered by biosensing technology.

Flowtime Biosesning Meditation Headband is the most powerful biodata bank for mental training like meditation. It tracks brainwave and heart rate in real time to provide users with insights into meditation practice.

It has been launched for more than three years and many users have publicly shown their favor for FLOWTIME on Amazon. It helps users:

* Master meditation techniques
* Know how their body and mind react to meditation
* Compatible with any audio app you use
* Meditation habit easy to build as you will be motivated by the Goal Tracker Rings

* Real-time Biofeedback Training
* Richest Biodata: EEG, HR, HRV, Attention, Relaxation, Stress, Breath Coherence
* Monthly & Yearly Health Trend
* Intuitive Grapgic Design
* Stable & Suitable
* Light Weight & Comfortable (29g)
* Bluetooth & Wireless
* Raw Data Export

Flowtime Headband, Flowtime Cushion.

* Commission: 10% commission
* Cookies Duration: 30 days
* Creatives: coupons, deals, banners, newsletter and etc
* Shipping Countries: US, EU, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Tailand, etc.
* Support: dedicated support from our Affiliate Expert team
* Press Kit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cIAxgGIpdw9NbPUTUdZWGcZoq9gC3xJt?usp=sharing

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Welcome to the Flowtime Affiliate Program! We are excited to have you become a partner of our very successful program.

Should you have any questions about our program or require any assistance, please feel free to contact us entertechchina@gmail.com

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