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MEPS®, relying on talented and scientific research materials from well-known domestic power research institutions and key universities, has made breakthrough achievements in the research and development of efficient, lightweight, and reliable power systems. MEPS® innovatively adopts the third generation of "aviation aluminum" represented by aluminum-lithium alloy as the raw material, which effectively improves heat transfer, and at the same time, enhances the endurance of the motor. Tens of thousands of drop impact tests lead us to the trust of users! Our products are widely entrusted in various scientific and technological fields such as unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, automatic driving, and aerospace. And we have rich and various product lines such as FPV Drone Motors, Flight Controller, ESC, Propellers and more. MEPS UAV Power System delivers great conversions by offering customers:
• 1 year product guarantee
• Unique and cool design products
• Lots of advice, product reviews and videos to help you make your selection

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