GirlCratery - Powered by GSNYPENN Pathways was created to give all girls the experience of learning something new. Inspired by the Girl Scout mission, GirlCratery allows all girls to experience the sense of adventure as they explore the world around them. Past crates are available for $28.99 plus shipping & handling. Customers can see the contents of these crates on our website prior to purchasing. Supplies are limited. Subscriptions of 1 ($25.99 + shipping), 3 ($99 shipping included), 6 ($189.99 shipping included), or 12 months ($365 shipping included) are available. Customers will get a sneak peak at the upcoming themes, but will not know the contents of the crate until they unbox it! GirlCratery is a branch of our non-profit that supports programming efforts, camp experiences, and scholarships. We are offering 7% commission.