Labpano is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the core algorithm technology development of panoramic image and stereo vision imaging. It is one of the earliest teams in China to devote itself to the R&D of embedded panoramic plus 3D stereo vision algorithms.
In 2019 Labpano launched Pilot Era, the world's first professional panoramic camera integrated with a touchscreen and an embedded smart OS, enabling standalone and seamless 8K live streaming with a single tap. In 2020 Labpano launched a new generation 360-degree panoramic camera, Pilot One, and the world's first solid IP68 waterproof panoramic camera, Pilot Lock. In October 2020, compact hardcore device Pilot One (EE, enhanced edition) with IP65 rating rolled out. In 2021, Labpano brought out the high-performance 8K indoor live streaming camera-Pilot Insight, and the upgraded v2.0 Hawkeyes remote management system, empowering new requirements in the panoramic live streaming and security field monitoring.

An average 5% commission is provided for our products. In the past decade, we focused on professional-level products, and now, Labpano strikes forward to develop consumer-level products and more.