Root Quencher is the leading subsurface watering device delivering water directly to the roots of trees and shrubs! Create the garden and landscape you've always dreamed possible with Root Quencher. Developed in Pasadena, California, and made in the USA, Root Quencher has been featured on news stations around the country. One of the hottest products in irrigation, Root Quencher is a drought-proof product saving on average 50%+ in water usage by eliminating evaporation and making fertilizing easy. Root Quencher easily connects to your sprinkler system or irrigation line to automate deep water. We offer a 10% commission on our product sales for simply promoting our product to your audience. Our product is specifically geared towards gardening and landscape professionals and is super easy to set up. Root Quencher benefits include: -Reduce Your Water Bill. -Help Trees Grow More. -Grow More Fruit. -Makes Fertilizing Easy. -Automate Deep Watering. -Promote Deep Root Growth. Made in the USA and headquartered in Pasadena, CA Root Quencher is an industry-leading product and pioneer in underground water delivery systems.