Inspiring Joy In Animals

Dogs explore the world with their noses. Our snuffle mat are delightful brain games that awake a dog's instinct to forage for their food, providing mental stimulation and supporting the healthy lifestyle we all wish to give our pets. We offer 13% commission and the average sale amount is $30-60.

Show your pup how what it's like to eat in the wild with Injoya's Snuffle Feeding Mat. Our feeding mat activates foraging instincts by mimicking the hunt. Made of non-toxic and durable materials, stimulates your dog's senses, and makes meals fun. No-slip backing and machine washable. Perfect for all breeds.

Breakfast Snuffle Mat | New arrival breakfast snuffle feeding mat| $45.95

Pizza! | Our best seller Pizza snuffle mat| $37.95

Take-Out | New arrival take-out noodle snuffle toy| $13.95

Carrot Patch | Top seller carrot snuffle toy| $25.95

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