Exclusive Share-A-Sale Merchant
Auto-MSG Vault Delivers Notes/Photos & Files
ACCESS Code Sent To Reciever at Deadline
Set BEFORE Leaving – CANCEL On Return
Full Credit whether App/Desktop on Dual Sites
30% Starting Commission on Every Sale!
RELEASE 90 Day Return Cookie
Upcoming Holiday Promotions
New Category - Fresh Prospects
A++ Bug-Free Quality App
Very Easy-To-Use Interface
Lengthy Customer Subscriptions
Every New MSG Has Upsell Potential

Hey there prospective affiliate!! Emergency Mailbox! is a New Product! in a New Category. We can think of a multitude of prospective markets. Prepper, Dating and Travel/Travel Insurance websites are a natural. Patients before surgery, Police & Fire Workers, Troops during deployment. Basically, anyone doing anything with even the slightest bit of risk even though most everyone could use the app. Most of us keep notes scheduled a couple months out and just refresh them. Quick Messages allows you to have continually updated notes that you can use instantly.

In addition to the initial yearly or monthly sale each message has the possibility of generating revenue with our ‘Human Contact’ upgrade. Its a delivery service where we’ll try to contact the message recipient if they dont LOGIN into the data vault. Users can also upgrade to a higher plan and also upgrade account storage size.

I'll be spitting out more banners and creatives as we proceed. If you need a size that I haven't made yet just tell me the target market and the size and we'll put something together.

contact: aff@emergencymailbox.com