Movement makes for healthier, happier people. Enter Joggy.

Joggy features a dynamic range of plant-based energetics designed to provide steady energy throughout the day, help you maintain focus, find center during stressful moments + bring you a sense of calm before bed. The collection of wellness products also includes a plant-based topical balm designed to soothe your body post-activity.

Joggy’s formulations were engineered to support full-spectrum activity. For pre-activity, ingest Runner’s High for a boost of energy or Ready Steady to ease your mind. Post-activity, apply Joggy’s Joy Stick to soothe sore areas and muscles. Before bed, take the brand’s Re-Chargies for your best rest yet and wake up the next morning ready to do it all again.

Runner’s High, Ready Steady & Re-Chargies utilize a proprietary water-based, lipid encapsulation delivery system which increases stability, potency of the brand’s scientifically studied dosages, and overall bioavailability. Joy Stick is formulated with Full-Spectrum CBD, Arnica, Magnolia and Bergamot for holistic healing properties and efficacy. All formulations are plant and planet-friendly, and are shipped in recycled + recyclable aluminum and glass packaging. To learn more, visit