Somnox is on a mission to help 100 million worldwide achieve better sleep by 2030. Their patented technology provides users with a science-backed sleep companion to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, resulting in deeper, more restful sleep. Somnox is known for inventing the world’s first technology that leverages biofeedback and breathwork to accelerate the process of falling asleep. CEO and co-founder Julian Jagtenberg conceptualized Somnox while researching sleep as a robotics engineer at the University of Technology Delft. Somnox has received much acclaim for its innovative design, including the Red Dot Design award and the iF Design award. For additional information, please visit Somnox 2 is your science-backed sleep companion that works. No medication, no tricks, just breathing and an immersive sleep experience. The Somnox 2 retails for $599 USD and is available for purchase at, shipping nationwide. The commission that is offered is 10% commission of the sales price (RRP: $599).