How To Heal Co. makes sustainable mental health awareness apparel that comes with free therapy. Our mission is to break down the mental illness stigma through authentic and vulnerable conversations, and we believe that apparel is the perfect vehicle for those conversations. Our tees and sweatshirts are made with organic or BCI-certified cotton, recycled polyester from plastic bottles, and FSC-certified beechwood, and our shipping is carbon-neutral and uses 100% recycled packaging. We also donate 20% of our profits to one of our six mental health non-profit partners.


Three How To Heal Co. apparel designs


Our products range from $35 to $60, with an average order value of $55. We offer a 16% commission for affiliates with a 90-day tracking window.


Our ideal customer is a 20-45 year old college graduate who lives in the US (note: we are able to ship internationally should orders come in!). Our apparel is unisex, but our audience skews female. Our ideal customer is someone who has struggled with her mental health or knows someone who struggles/struggled with their mental health, and while she wants to do something to break down the mental illness stigma, she's not exactly sure what that should be. Our apparel is a great first step for her!


Seasonal marketing opportunities include awareness weeks/months (Mental Health Awareness Month in May, World Mental Health Day in October, etc) and holidays (mental health apparel makes meaningful gifts). Additionally, certain niches, including moms and frontline workers, provide unique marketing angles.


Questions about How To Heal Co. or our affiliate program can be directed to Jessi Beyer at or via text at 503-443-9161.