About StarTiger
StarTiger is the World's Largest Celebrity Address and Autograph Community.

We offer contact details for 270,000+ famous individuals from around the globe - movie & tv stars, musicians, sports celebrities of all fields, politicians, models, authors and many more.

In addition we offer a unique system that allows everyone to easily keep track of the celebrities they contact and what they receive back - or in other words, to manage their autograph collection.
And in case our 270,000+ celebrities are not enough and your favorite celebrity is not listed yet, a request for the address can be added with just a few clicks.
Hundreds of updates to our database each and every day ensure that we have the best and most current celebrity database online. In addition, we offer complete collection management and personal websites for autograph collectors, 440,000+ results submitted by other members that will tell you what responses they received back, a very active forum, and much, much more.

50% Commission
We offer three subscription rates: 1 month for $4.99, 6 months for $23.95, 12 months for $34.95. Commission will be 50% of the first purchase of each member you refer to us. Examples:
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Many of your visitors are fans of the celebrities they look up and will also be interested in contacting them to send fan mail or ask for an autograph.
Even a small, non-obtrusive link within the celebrity pages of your website (e.g. "Contact this celebrity", "How to contact this celebrity", "Contact [celebrity name]" etc.), can greatly extend the revenue of your website - while helping your visitors to contact their favorite celebrities.

You Recommend Quality!

We at StarTiger work very hard to make this the best autograph and celebrity address community available. Our website contains many features that are unique to StarTiger, including our complete collection management, personal collection pages, and a unique navigation that makes accessing celebrity addresses and adding autographs to your collection easier than ever before.

Combined with our competitive pricing scheme, we are proud to have a very high customer loyalty and level of customer satisfaction.

With StarTiger, you can recommend high quality and be sure that the people you send to us will be satisfied - while earning money with our high commission percentage of 50%.

How to join:
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