Maev is the first human-grade raw dog food brand, making it easy to choose the healthiest possible diet for our dogs. With a focus on quality, form and function, Maev is building the future of canine wellness. From perfectly-portioned packaging to an accessible subscription model, Maev lowers the barrier to entry for raw dog food — the most nutrient-rich, least processed diet available. Maev’s recipes are formulated to meet dogs’ biological needs and are customized to fill in common nutrition gaps for each individual pup. Conveniently served straight out of the freezer for less mess and prep, Maev is real food that you can see. Founded by Katie Spies in 2020, Maev started as a collective of dog parents who wanted better for their dogs. After Katie’s adopted dog George experienced a health scare, she turned her focus to nutrition to keep him healthy and happy. With help from her pet parent community, she began conducting deep research into the modern dog’s biological needs and the shortcomings of products we’ve been told to trust. Hundreds of trips down the pet aisle later, Katie still couldn’t find a brand she felt confident in feeding George — with clean ingredients, targeted nutrition, balanced supplements and ease. So she set out to create Maev. After years of research and development with Maev’s dedicated team of veterinary nutritionists, Katie perfected the ideal raw food recipe, meeting the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages, including growth of large size dogs. Maev’s three beloved products — Raw Food, Daily Vitamin Bars and Bone Broth Topper — are all 100% made in the USA, human-grade using USDA-Certified ingredients, and do not contain any preservatives, synthetics, fillers or by-products.