We Feed Raw is a balanced raw diet for your dogs, developed by a PhD in animal nutrition, and consistently proven to be loved by dogs and owners alike! When you promote We Feed Raw you can feel confident that you are earning competitive commissions and helping animals improve their health!

The benefits of raw over kibble are starting to be medically researched and proven, and now it's even easier then ever for customers to get high quality food for their dogs shipped monthly. We Feed Raw uses USDA human grade proteins, and have a selection of six different types to appease even the pickiest of eaters. Our customized plan for each dog will help customers understand the exact amount to assure your dog is receiving the correct nutritional portions.

While there are many health reasons to promote We Feed Raw, here are a few others that should help you make the decision to join:

We hope you are excited to apply to our program today! Please feel free to reach out to affiliate@wefeedraw.com if you have any remaining questions.