Wumblekin is a birth and postpartum box company. We demystify pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum with evidence-based education and expert-curated products for mom and baby. Pregnant women are busy and there’s a lot of noise out there. We help expecting mamas who feel overwhelmed with pregnancy, labor and birth go from panicked to prepared (and feel a little pampered along the way, too).

About Wumblekin

Wumblekin launched in the USA in 2020 and offers gift-worthy boxes for pregnant and new moms that provide them (and their little one) with products that they’ll actually use. Currently our expert-curated boxes only ship within the US.


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Are you a good fit?

• We believe in helpful, accurate, evidence-based information

• We have a growing community of expecting, new, and seasoned moms who help and support each other.

• We also connect with experts (L&D Nurses, Pelvic Floor PT Specialists, OB-GYNs, Lactation Consultants, Birth Coaches and beyond) that have a social presence.

The Basics (Affiliate Parameters):

• US-Based Affiliates

• Content focused on Pregnancy, Motherhood, Parenthood, Family, Baby, Breastfeeding and other related topics

• OR Lifestyle-based or niche content AND you’re currently pregnant


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You are paid directly through the ShareASale platform, once per month when you have met the minimum earnings threshold.

The amount you earn depends on how many sales are driven through your methods of promotion, content sharing and engagement. We currently offer a 5% commission on products sold.


Wumblekin provides evidence-based information and expert-curated products to demystify pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Each of our three boxes include:

• 10-12 full size, stage-specific items for Mom + Baby,

• Healthcare Expert-created educational booklets filled with tips and information to expecting and new moms make confident decisions

• Customizable hand-written note

• Access to the Wumblekin Community – A supportive space to help moms through their ups and downs

Wumblekin Quick Facts:

• Founded by 2 women working in healthcare who wanted to help busy, pregnant women feel less overwhelmed about having a baby.

• Wumblekin products are recommended and curated by a panel of pregnancy experts including OB-GYNs, Pediatricians, Labor & Delivery Nurses, Lactation Consultants, Behavioral Health Experts and more (who are also moms)

• Each box comes with an educational booklet developed by our experts to provide essential information in bite-size pieces for busy moms.

• Wumblekin boxes include products for Mom AND Baby that they actually need.

• Who buys our boxes? Friends, family members, coworkers and communities that want to support pregnant and new moms with the most trusted, comprehensive gift for each stage of the journey to parenthood. Our boxes make an amazing and supportive gift.

• Our boxes make an amazing and supportive gift.

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