Cheers to the Normalization of Cannabis

At DELTA, we're on a mission to make cannabis as normal as having a glass of wine. Our vision? A world where everyone can enjoy a little chill without the typical judgment associated with cannabis. Imagine a future where cannabis-infused beverages are as commonplace as your favorite soda or cocktail. We're not just dreaming it; we're making it happen, one delicious can at a time. We believe in breaking down the barriers and misconceptions surrounding cannabis use, offering a product that's not only enjoyable but also socially acceptable and beneficial.

The DRINK DELTA team is passionate about our partnerships. Our approach to affiliate marketing is very simple – we seek to create value for you and your members! If you're an influencer or content sites, let's talk. We're open to incentives for reviews or social posts.

At DRINK DELTA, we feel strongly about delivering the tools you need to be successful and don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to affiliate marketing. We strive to personalize our program and partnerships, so let us know what you need to be successful. We hope to co-develop unique, custom, and exclusive offerings.

What you get…

  • 20% Sale Commissions
  • Exclusive Payouts
  • Bonus Payout Program
  • And…

  • Vanities for Custom Placements
  • 30-Day Cookie
  • In-House Affiliate Management
  • For all questions regarding the Drink Delta program please reach out to