The Affiliate Program
-- By Traddictiv --

Who Are We? Traddictiv is a company devoted to helping investment traders develop strong, smart, strategic trading skills so they can trade smarter and maximize returns on all stocks, options and futures or Forex investments and trades.

What is TradeWithUFOs? TradeWithUFOs is a set of tools designed to make every trade count. We offer apps, courses and coaching for investment traders of all levels.

Who Are You? We're looking to partner with great publishers who create content for audiences in the finance and investment trading category with a focus on education, training, tools and technology. If that sounds like you, we want to work together!

Why TradeWithUFOs? We offer quality education paired with powerful coaching for everyone from the hobbyist to the professional, along with innovative and easy-to-use trading technology that makes it easy to know when to buy and when to sell. Our mission is to help all investment traders achieve stable, effortless trading and investing results that your visitors can truly take to the bank.

Affiliates Earn Up to 70% Commission!

Here is our base offering:
Affiliates Enjoy Increased Earnings Tied to Performance
Refer 10 new clients, get bumped to the next earnings tier so you earn:

PLUS: Refer other affiliates to our program and earn 10% on all 2nd-tier sales!

Other Perks Become a TradewithUFOs affiliate partner today!
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