“The Best Birthday Ever.” Our company has reinvented the birthday candle holder with a new, recently-patented product called the "Celebration Stadium." With an average sale of about $90 per order this is a premium party supply for those big milestone birthdays. Commission 20% initially with opportunities for future bonuses.

Customers can’t say enough about how the Celebration Stadium birthday candle holder made their event unforgettable.

Remember as a child how you loved your birthday cake with a candle for every year? Now people can celebrate with up to 100 candles for milestone birthdays. These candle holder centerpieces form a semi-circle around a cake creating a dramatic display of lit candles. No wax drips on the cake and more sanitary with no blowing out candles directly on to the cake.

The Stadiums create a fun, beautifully photogenic and inspirational highlight for any birthday (or anniversary) party.

Reusable, flame-resistant, the Stadiums are made from highly polished aluminum composite in two colors, white and silver-mirror. They are flat-packed for shipping and the box is perfect for home storage.

This is the only product of its kind, our Dad invented the Stadium and our family company produces them. We just received our U.S. patent for the product. In addition we sell birthday candles in packs of 100 to use with the Stadiums.

These days we treasure more than ever celebrating the milestones of our family and friends, especially those big birthdays. As we get older we don’t want more stuff, we want to be brought together for meaningful occasions. Customers across the country absolutely love their Stadiums as you can see in their reviews https://celebrationstadium.com/pages/reviews

Program Benefits:

+20% Commission

+90-day cookie

+Average order size around $90

+Dedicated in-house program management

+Direct access to the owners, we want to hear from you!