We sell a $50 hotel gift card which you could offer with your own promo code for half price and earn 40% on each sale.

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Your Customers Experience

1 - Create a travel gift in minutes. Make it personal with a custom message and one of many beautiful designs to make just the right gift, from fun to formal, generic to seasonal, and even beautiful or funny. Add a personal touch with a message to your recipient, with your own heartfelt words. Your gift goes from thoughtful to memorable - and now you have the perfect travel gift, guaranteed to give unforgettable memories.

2 - After you preview your gift and checkout, it is instantly delivered to your recipients email. If you prefer to deliver it yourself then use your own email as the recipient email then you can forward it off directly from you. An eGift makes for a fun, easy, instant experience that both you and your recipient will enjoy. Seeing the recipient in person? Print the gift card in your inbox for a gift that's ready to give in minutes.

3 - Congratulations, to the lucky recipient! Can't wait to start your journey? It's easy to redeem your gift card. Type the code we send in the custom gift card email into the redemption page and create your account, then search over 500,000 properties to find your ideal hotel. Checkout by paying with your Hotel Dollars. Do you have credit left on your account? Lucky you! You can save this for your next trip. Is there an additional amount to pay? You can pay the remaining amount with the payment method of your choice.

4 - Sit back and enjoy your stay at your chosen hotel. The only thing you need to do is pack your suitcase. Keys? Purse? Sunglasses? Check! Just make sure to leave space in your luggage to bring back some unforgettable memories.