We are a cat care brand dedicated to delivering wonderful products to cats and their human parents since 2017. Our mission is to provide products designed with love and dedication with the unique purpose of strengthening the bond between cats and humans.

Let's change the feline world for the better. Let's make a difference. Together. Today.

We help rescues and fosters with product donations, discounts—for them and their adopters— information, education materials, and a sense of community.

We understand how challenging it is to make a positive impact in the feline world, and we, as a young and independent brand, want to do everything we can to contribute to this beautiful cause.

Affiliate Program:

  • Conversion Action: Online purchase with processed valid payment
  • Cookies: 30 day(s)
  • Commission type: Percent of sale
  • Base commission: 10% (up to 20%)
  • Payout Scheduling: 10 day(s) after the end of the month
  • Current Markets: USA and Canada
  • Support: Fast response time from the My Lovely Feline affiliate team and world class customer support.
  • Ongoing Updates: Monthly newsletters with the latest updates, including product releases and promotions.

  • How to Get Started:

    1. Fill out the form below.
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    Contact us at info@mylovelyfeline.com

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