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Reasons to promote Mandarin Blueprint

“Master Chinese all in one place without tutors, textbooks or classes”

About Mandarin

Our patent-pending video curriculum guides you step-by-step all the way to advanced literacy and fluency in Mandarin Chinese

How to achieve Mandarin proficiency fast with burning out or giving up.

There are 6 unique phases within The Mandarin Blueprint Method. Each phase focuses on a key element of Mandarin and builds seamlessly upon one another in a linear, unified learning experience all the way to literacy and fluency.

-          Pre-phase – Pronunciation

-          Phase 1 – Character Building

-          Phase 2 – Vocabulary Building

-          Phase 3 – Sentence Building

-          Phase 4 – Paragraph Building

-          Phase 5 – Story Building


Average order value of $70



Cookie Length

Cookie length of 60 days.

Sales will track at $0.01 for free trials and be BONUSED at 30% of sale value per successful sale at the end of each month
We will be monitoring free trial conversions closely.

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