Weekend Made is a uniquely tailored sleepwear brand for women and children. Our products are great for people with sensitive skin, eczema and sensory processing disorder, and luxurious for everyone. We currently sell sleepwear sets in multiple colors. We offer 8% commission to our approved affiliates when they make a sale. We also offer 5% extra commission when make sales within the first 30 days of becoming an affiliate. Returns are deducted from commissions. Women's sleepwear starts at $159 per set (over $12 commission), and children's sleepwear starts at $82/set (over $6 commission). ----- Nordstrom alum Haley Brothers is the founder of Weekend Made Sleepwear and a mother of two young children. During her first pregnancy she suffered from insomnia triggered by tactile defensiveness—a fight-or-flight response to the seams in her pajamas. This experience inspired her to create a high-quality, seamless sleepwear line for women and children with sensitive skin who need sensory-friendly sleepwear. Weekend Made’s mission is to create sensory-friendly clothing with conscious design. Weekend Made helps families feel more relaxed, get higher quality sleep, and spend more time having fun. These ingredients help people achieve longer, healthier and more connected lives.