About Us
Founded in April 2016, OBSBOT, an artificial intelligence camera brand, is dedicated to connecting people and the imaging industry to the future.
Combined with cutting-edge technology, we have obtained more than 100 technical patents. OBSBOT products are widely loved by users in over 120 countries.
Program Benefits
  • Earn 8% - 10% commission per sale
  • Provide 30-day cookies to guarantee your sales
  • Update fresh creatives for holiday and special offer
  • Send newsletter when new promotions update
  • Give additional cash bonus for top affiliates
  • Offer free product samples for excellent affiliates
Commission Structure
Sales Amount
$1 - $5,000
$5,001 - $9,999
Commission Rate
Be in Touch
If you have any questions or need any promotional materials or product samples, please feel free to reach us at