About Our Company:
StuffedAnimals.com is more than a website. It's an incredible place to explore and discover all of the wonderful stuffed animals that live and play here. From stuffed animals and teddy bears, to characters, dolls and puppets, they're all waiting at StuffedAnimals.com to meet you. So come inside and visit them today! You never know what new friends you're going to make!

About Our Affiliate Program:
StuffedAnimals.com invites you to join our affiliate program where you'll earn 15% commissions on all sales with 90 return days. Our average sale amount is approximately $40 with high conversion rates. Our program is managed by award winning professionals who are here to help you succeed! Plus, we'll provide you with all of the necessary creative and tools that you'll need, including coupon codes.

Current Bonuses:
Watch for our most recent affiliate newsletter for a complete list of current bonus opportunities. Don't forget to check out our coupon codes valid for discounts and free shipping. Plus, make sure you take a look at our professionally designed banners!

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