Virtually every single individual who enters the financial services business is required to pass at least 3 securities exams. And this is just to enter the business. Most agents are required to pass even more licensing exams as they advance their careers. While the industry requires individuals to pass these exams; it does not put any requirements on how the individual prepares to take the test.

Mandated learning programs are among the best selling programs as the individual has no choice but to obtain the knowledge required to pass the test. Most visitors purchase these products on the initial visit within several minutes of landing on the page. Additionally, most students purchase learning products from more than one source. The average test-taker purchases material from 2.3 vendors.

The Securities Institute is extremely well positioned to meet all of the training needs for financial services professionals. With world-class textbooks, online test banks and state-of-the-art video training classes. Our products are head and shoulders above the competition. We offer training material for more than 15 Financial Services exams and have literally hundreds of products to meet the visitors' needs. From complete self-study Solutions which contain textbooks, test banks, ebooks and video training, to single products designed to supplement the training received elsewhere. Best of all, our training comes with a greenlight money back guarantee which provides students with the confidence they need to make the purchase and use the material to prepare for the exam. Students are granted access to online products immediately upon purchase and all textbooks are automatically shipped from Amazon.

This program is an exceptional opportunity to add additional revenue sources for established schools, ecom sites and marketing Pros. We are particularly interested in partnering with CPA training providers as more than 80% of CPAs are becoming licensed to sell securities. For established schools and other training providers we are interested in building out white labeled Securities exam prep pages on their site to offer directly to their clients.

We are offering a 25% commission to all the affiliates with our average order value of approximately $232.
Some of our current Affiliates see conversion rates of well over 5%.