We are an American Ebike brand, manufactured in China, with premium quality yet affordable price, bringing a greener and an easier commuting way for Ebike lovers. Our commission rate starts from 4% and it could be up to 12% depending on how many sales you generate and the types of your referer. Our average order amount now is around $1800. Currently, most of our ebike models are in stock in the US and Canada warehouse and ready to ship in 2 business days. Shareasale affiliates coupon: SAS50 - $50 OFF for orders over $1200 SAS100 - $100 OFF for orders over $1600 SAS200 - $200 OFF for orders over $2000 SAS300 - $300 OFF for orders over $3500 Every new affiliate will get a $30 bonus commission for their first sale. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT use our brand keywords to run paid PPC, otherwise, we will cancel your commission. Affiliates can't promote with any keywords containing our Brand name - Magicycle, mistake-spell, Magicycle coupon code or variation. For example Magic cycle, Magiccycle, Magicycle, etc. And this is unnegotiable. Also, our customers can't use affiliate links to get a commission for yourselves. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by sending an email to marketing@magicyclebike.com and we are more than happy to help.