Pasturebird is on a mission to revolutionize agriculture by applying modern technology to ancient farming methods and making pasture raised more accessible for everyone.

At Pasturebird, we believe the solution is in the soil. Regenerative practices restore, rather than deplete the planet. It is our vision to revolutionize farming from a man-made system of depletion back to a natural ecosystem of perpetual regeneration and replenishment; a genuine regenerative future - first for poultry, for people and ultimately the planet. Because healthy soil traps significantly more carbon, regenerative agriculture could be the key to helping stop climate change. Unfortunately, regenerative and pasture raised are loosely defined, making loopholes in raising practices commonplace. Pasturebird is uniquely transparent in its raising practices so you can witness first hand their commitment to the people, the planet, and the animals.

“We believe in farming for the next generation. That’s why soil health is at the center of everything we do. We see soil as more valuable than gold and so rich soil is the legacy we leave.” - Farmer Paul

With Pasturebird, you can really taste the difference. But, don’t take our word for it. Our chickens contain three times more Omega 3, vitamins and minerals than other chickens with housing that moves daily to give them the freshest grass available. Using state of the art solar powered mobile coops, every one of our chickens is moved to fresh pasture every day. When you allow the chickens to live a good life on fresh pasture and under the warmth of the sun the way nature intended, it is no wonder you see such an incredible result. Because you can’t regenerate soil in a petri dish, we must do the work to restore our habitat. The future of our planet depends on the regeneration of our soil that a truly pasture raised chicken provides.

Please enjoy Pasturebird from our home to yours.


Farmer Paul