Here at TempraMed we are passionate about trying to make the lives of people with diabetes a bit easier. Join us in working together to bring the VIVI Cap to people who inject insulin and would like to live their lives spontaneously and with less hassles. Join our Team and get the word out about the VIVI Cap Insulin Temperature Shield. Partner with Us and join our generous affiliate program where we will pay you to promote safe insulin with VIVI. The VIVI Cap enables people with diabetes to travel - to go anywhere without any worries about damaging their insulin because of cold or hot temperatures. Studies have shown improper storage during use degrades the potency of insulin, puts patients at risk and can cost lives. The VIVI Cap insulin temperature shield is the only scientifically validated, reusable insulin pen replacement cap that maintains the insulin in the pen at proper “use” temperatures every day, preventing insulin degradation while users carry the insulin with them. Up until VIVI Cap people have had to travel with their insulin in a portable refrigerator or cooling bag… not any longer. The VIVI Cap is a simple insulin pen cap that is placed on the pen and gives the insulin the protection it needs 24/7 365 days a year for years. It requires no charging, no batteries and no maintenance. VIVI Cap is registered by FDA and CE. Sales and reviews have been great since launching. Retail selling price is USD 110. TempraMed is giving 20% for every VIVI Cap sold - for each VIVI Cap sold our affiliates are putting $22 in their pocket in addition to helping people with diabetes live their lives. In addition TempraMed makes a donation to the JDRF for every VIVI Cap sold.