Welcome to the Leeway Home Affiliate Program!

Leeway Home (https://leewayhome.co/) is a brand that celebrates everyone at every stage of life, with products to fit them. From dinnerware to glassware kits, we offer 2 different styles and 4 colors for each to help you set your table with confidence and style!

Dining shouldn’t be a hassle. Dishes + Glasses + Forks, oh my! Everything you need in one box. Setting the table just got easier.

That’s why we combined tabletop essentials into easy all-in-one kits, based on who you are and how you live. Designed for ordering in, kicking back on the couch, and a heavy pour (or three). Ditch the rules — and the idea of a “perfect” anything — and lean in to who you are and how you live, now.

For our partners, we offer:

Commission: 10% 

Tracking Gap: 45 Days 

Please contact affiliate@jbc-pr.com for any questions!