Tula Mics Bio


Tula Mics is proud to offer a convenient, yet portable solution whether you are podcasting, working from home, recording music or creating just about anything.

With its robust features, Tula Mics include a unique noise reduction system, headphone jack that doubles as an input for a lav mic as well as a USB microphone and mobile recorder. Tula Mics makes it simple for you to say that this is possibly the only mic you'll ever need.

What Makes Tula Mics Unique?

  • Features 8GB of internal memory
  • Can hold up to 14 hours of recordings
  • Automatically records two copies of your audio file one with noise cancellation and one without

    • Commission Rate: 8%
    • Commission Rate for Coupon/Loyalty publishers: 6%
    • 30-day cookie duration
    • $229 AOV
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee


    Tula Mics does not allow trademark or trademark plus bidding, or any misspellings of the brand name.