Mosaically is the fastest and easiest way to create your own high resolution zoomable photo mosaics using your own photos including photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos.

User can freely create, share, embed, and collaborate others on the photo mosaic creations. Social media optimized downloads and videos are free as well. Higher resolution Instant Download for printing startings at $39, and various types of prints such Premium Silver Halide, Premium Canvas, Premium Metal, and Premium Acrylic can be ordered starting $99, with sizes up to 105 by 70 inches with free shipping to US, Canada, UK, EU, and more.

Most users are creating mosaics as gifts for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, weddings, retirements, memorials, for their loved ones like husband, wife, grandparents, using photos on their phone. These users often buy prints or downloads.

Second type of users are businesses, non-profits, schools, and churches who create mosaics with their employees, supporters, students, and members for anniversaries, events, fundraisers, retirements, and more. In addition to prints and downloads, these users also buy videos.

Ideal candidates include those who themselves would have fun creating a mosaic, sharing it with their community, and even collaborating with their community. For example, a dog rescue that starts a mosaic with photos of all the dogs that they helped, and asking their community to add photos of the dogs they adopted from the rescue. The mosaic can be embedded on the rescue's website, and will keep getting more and more photos as more dogs are rescued and adopted. People who see this mosaic, and create their own mosaics for their loved ones will generate 15% commissions for the dog rescue. The rescue can let people know that creating their own mosaics and buying them helps the rescue.

Strong candidates include photography, interior design/home decor, creative professional, gift, wedding, travel, fundraisers, events, lifestyle and mommy sites as well as related blogs.

We do not accept any coupon websites. We do not run any coupons as a policy.

Accepted affiliates can request a free download upon approval, and in some cases, we may also provide a free print product at our discretion.

Program Highlights of Mosaically Include:

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